Class of 2013

CSU Lacrosse Hall of Fame


CSU lacrosse Hall of Fame Class of 2013 is honored at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Showdown at Hughes Stadium in 2013.
CSU lacrosse Hall of Fame Class of 2013 is honored at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Showdown at Hughes Stadium in 2013.


A freshman football transfer from Mount San Antonio College, Mottram made quite an impression in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Association when he led the league in scoring as a freshman.  Opposing teams were designing their defensive schemes around Mottram by the end of his first season.  A dominant player who seemed to be able to score at will, Mottram was the type of competitor who could simply take over a game.  Team Captain in ’95 and ’96, Pete is certainly one of the all-time great attackmen to play for the Rams.

Patrick Coy (2001)
Patrick Coy (2001), second from right

PAT COY – 1998-2001 – DEFENSE

Pat Coy was one of the most feared and famous defensemen to ever play at CSU. Even before his arrival on campus he had earned a reputation as a player with tremendous speed and as a hard hitter. Pat was an All-American and first team All-Tournament member three times in St. Louis at the USLIA  National Championship tournament, 1999, 2000, and 2001. In 1999 and 2001 Pat anchored two national championship teams.  With all the awards Pat is most proud that he was a RAM captain for THREE years.

Ryan Davis (2002), middle
Ryan Davis (2002), middle

RYAN DAVIS – 2000-2002 – ATTACK

Ryan Davis played Attack at CSU from 2000 – 2002. His three years at State put him 8th on the all time scoring list. He grew up playing lacrosse and football in Upstate New York, and attended Albert State College where his lacrosse coach described Ryan as “the best player he ever coached.” With Ryan Davis on the attack, CSU made three consecutive USLIA/MCLA National Championship finals. Blessed with incredible quickness, he liked having the ball in his stick and he loved dodging to score from behind the cage.

In St. Louis in May of 2001, he exploded for 26 points in 4 games, and was chosen as the tournament’s Most Valuable Offensive Player following his dynamic 7-goal, 2-assist performance in a CSU 16-7 National Championship victory over Stanford.  Ryan has made Colorado his home and now manages a golf course near Denver. He wants to give special thanks his wife Rachel and his family.

Nick Stanitz-Harper (2005), middle
Nick Stanitz-Harper (2005), middle

NICK STANITZ-HARPER – 2001-2005 – Attack

Nick Stanitz-Harper was a physical force and he came to be the face of the CSU lacrosse program. His size and strength helped him to be one of the best finishers in CSU lacrosse history. With Stanitz-Harper in the middle, the Ram offense was prolific, and often intimidating to other teams. He played in three National Championship finals. Nick is sixth all time at CSU in scoring with 216 points. He is fourth all time at the school in goals scored with 161. He was named All-American twice, earning first team honors in 2005, and Nick was also selected for All-Conference three times. In 2005 Nick was voted team MVP by his teammates for an absolutely great season as well as for his tremendous leadership. The sound of Nick’s laughter will forever be part of the memory of his CSU days, because that giant cackle spread lacrosse happiness both on the field and off for all the time he was here at State.

Dr. Ron Krugman's sons accept the Hall of Fame award on his behalf.
Dr. Ron Krugman’s sons accept the Hall of Fame award on his behalf.

Dr. Ron Krugman – Family of Fame

For a decade Dr. Ron Krugman was called “Dr. Ron” by all who were on and around the CSU lacrosse team. He was the team chiropractor and all-around body repair guru. From 1999-2009 Doc showed up to practices to treat players at least once a week. He traveled with the team and he and his wife Pam invited players over to the house for dinner, too. Ron has taught chiropractic technique around the world since 1995 and his power to help the body in many healing ways was a very valuable part of the program and team. We could never thank him enough.