We have lots of talent and skill on this roster for 2012, but it is the depth of it that we can use to intimidate others…..

I think it applies on any lacrosse team that when all the parts come together and work the team functions at a high level, the team becomes the star. With any team of anything the sum can always be greater than its parts. In lacrosse this is really amplified simply because the nature of the game allows it to accommodate a wide variety of roles and role playing.


CSU lax has settled into the ‘new’ practice pasture, and even without lines we did some good work this week. The work has been very much preparing for situations, which is always a good thing for me.

GAUCHO (Steely Dan)

We play the most powerful, most rejuvenated program out there when we play the Gauchos of Santa Barbara tomorrow night to complete the gauntlet that scheduled out to having us play 4 games in eight days, a challenge to test more than just our talent and skill, but also our will. I love these kinds of mid terms that really tell you how you are doing and what is possible.

The Ram team sets goals for itself all the time. The three for this week will hopefully become trendy so we can set new ones.

I wonder if I should pull out my very faded, 1987, skin tight UCSB navy and yellow sweat pants that are somewhere in the ‘history’ section of my closet. Nah, I’ll just leave them there retro with all the other garments that are way past their prime. And my hope is that we are playing prime at prime time, which has now become tonight on campus at CSU. We have the Ram that can do anything it wants if they ‘role’  right.