Monday, February 7, 2011


I think Frostbite Falls came to Fort Collins tonight. We were expecting some weather to come in, but this was ridonculous, even if it is winter. Coach Smith made the horrible mistake of marveling at how the outside ambiance was more than tolerable as practice was getting going. Well, the Colorado weather Karma factor invoked itself within a matter of minutes and the my-face-is-frozen monster reared it’s winter head within minutes. He had awakened a sleeping giant, and for the next hour sinking temperatures and howling winds took center stage.

As things progressed my greatest hope for tonight’s practice would become the “I hope no one gets frostbite in the next ten minutes” concept. Survival of the fittest had quickly taken on Mount Everest proportions right there on level turf. Even so, I say the report was out there and Ur basic student athletes need to prepare themselves and not just show up wearing the Aggie shorts and a t-shirt, and Nick, you know who you are. We had been warned of impending weather doom. I prepared by bringing my CSU goes to Antartica coat. It was all good for me. Now I’m home, my face has thawed, and the 100% chance of snow is happening right now, too.


We are trying to put stuff in and work on real lacrosse situations so we know as a team how to react, but tonight’s Dairy Queen style brain freeze playing conditions made those conditions the most important situation to recognize and react to, because for the most part thinking outside that box was too much of an epic task. Still, it is good to fight the good fight on a night such as this. That which does not kill you will make you stronger and more ready for the next challenge.


We coaches evaluated our talent and worked on the charting part of the depth chart, and if nothing much else took place to improve us as a team today, we became a more capable coaching staff, benefiting from a coaches meeting on that subject earlier in the afternoon. We got together on what page we had each player on. This will help us immediately as we move forward.

Tonight it was nice to see Gelston handle the cold and to face off like a machine anyway. It was entertaining to watch Greyson make the game look easy with his hood up. It was encouraging to see Spencer use his developing left hand skills to make the defense pay for letting him go to the goal with that left and even if his facial hair was likely frozen solid. It was uplifting to see Andy Flax make some big time goalie saves to validate himself as the coaches’ choice to be the first fire starter. Meanwhile he made some poor choices on the ensuing clears which basically rendered those saves to the junk pile, and being named the number one for now is not a complete guarantee that it will stay that way. Sorry, goalies do not have the luxury of the frozen brain excuse, and by the way, the goalie competition is going to be intense, but I mean that in a good way. It was a unique practice all in all and tomorrow looks to be just another snowy day.


Tomorrow will likely be more video than violence.