Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together as many young athletes as possible so we can assist in their development as lacrosse players, teammates, and young men.

Our vision is to make a lasting impact on all of our campers so they can return to their local teams and excel at the sport of lacrosse. Beyond that, we strive to team our campers valuable lessons about teamwork, effort, and having fun doing what you love.

Our three core values at Colorado State University are Family, Hard Work, and Greatness. Our players embody these values, and we strive to instill these characteristics in the campers who join us at Ram Camp each summer. Once a player knows how to have fun working hard within a team atmosphere, the opportunity to become great reveals itself.

We will have individual skill sessions designed into the camp time frame where individuals will get personal instruction. Guest speakers will also be on hand periodically teaching and demonstrating skills for dodging, checking, footwork, etc.

At CSU everything, including our strategy, begins with team concepts. We teach the kind of team concepts players can learn easily and take with them to any and whatever style of team they might play on later.