Chumash is a lacrosse game developed for “small ball” purposes. It is a 3v3 game without a goalie. The game teaches lacrosse principles and basics, and you can fit the goal and the team into one S.U.V. Former CSU Head Coach Flip Naumburg developed the game for the Vail Lacrosse Shootout, and first began having Chumash tournaments in 1995.

Chumash tournaments are held nightly during camp, and truthfully we don’t know how you run a camp without Chumash or something similar. The game can be played on a beach, in a park, or using only about half of a regulation sized field.

This is a great opportunity for the campers to apply the concepts we have taught them throughout the day. Also, it’s a good time for them to gain a sense of team camaraderie and bonding as they will stay within their teams for most of the four days at camp.

We like to mix up the teams within their age brackets so they can experience the most diverse cross-section of lacrosse players at the camp. Chumash is typically the highlight of the Ram Camp experience for our campers.