Rams Saddle up and Defeat the Broncos

Rams win their first home game of 2016 season. Photo taken by Chance Murray
Rams win their first home game of 2016 season. Photo taken by Chance Murray

Colorado State defeated Boise State 9-7 in their first home game Friday night. The Rams enjoyed a fantastic performance from their junior goalie Jake Bender, who held the high powered Boise offense to just 7 goals on 19 shots.

The offense fought through adversity after struggling to hit the back of the net early in the game. Their success came from transition offense where the Rams scored two key goals and controlled the pace of the game.

Attack man Jake Johnson followed his game winning performance from Grand Canyon University with 2 goals and 2 assists. Senior Ashton Monheiser also let his presence be felt with 2 goals of his own.

The Rams won this game by sticking to the captain’s moto “do the little things right”.  The offense took care of the ball and took quality shots.

“The best defense is a good offense, the one that works for a smart, quality shot and not just the first option.” said Hulett.

Head coach Ted Fifield considered this a big win but thinks that the Rams missed out on scoring opportunities.

“This could have been a much bigger win the way our goalie was playing, the way our faceoff man was winning face-off’s, putting 9 goals against a team and having that carry us to a victory, that always feels good.” said Fifield.

The Rams plan to go for their third straight win against the visiting Oregon Ducks Sunday at Loveland Sports Park. The Ducks coming off an 8 to 12 loss to the University of Colorado making them 4 and 1 to start the season.