CSU Lacrosse Update

CSU Lacrosse Family,

The CSU Lacrosse Program has been undergoing some major changes. We have been hard at work across all aspects of the organization and this letter’s intent is to inform you of what has taken place this fall.

We’d like to thank Coach Alex Smith for everything he has done for CSU Lacrosse. Alex is a tremendously successful coach, leader and mentor. Alex had been a part of the Program since the fall of 1998 as a player, student officer and coach. He will be sorely missed. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward and are confident that he’ll continue to be successful in whatever he chooses to do next. On a personal note, many of us are close friends with Alex, it pains us that his time as leader of the CSU Lacrosse Program ended in the way it did. It’s definitely not the way he, or we, wanted it to happen.

We can’t thank Alex enough for all the countless hours, effort and, most importantly, heart that he poured into the team over the years. He may not be Head Coach anymore but he will always be a member of the FAMILY.

At the beginning of October, there came a point in time when personality differences maturated and it became clear that it was a healthy decision for Alex, the University and the Program that he submit his resignation. While changes within the University’s administration personnel and operating procedures have occurred over the last year, CSU’s support has been unwavering over this time. If anything, the relationship with the University has been bolstered over the last month. We appreciate the positive manner in which the individuals within the CSU Administration have interacted with us.

Alex’s departure came at the end of what has been a productive off-season. After a first-ever meeting between CSU administration, the men’s lacrosse student leadership, coaching staff, CSULAA, and our team parents, the relationship between the University and our Program was both defined and supported in ways that previously didn’t exist. It was a very positive meeting, as it was educational for both the Program and the University; and it is the opinion of the CSULAA that Colorado State University is in full support of the men’s lacrosse team, and wants us to be as competitive as possible.

An extensive coaching search was conducted over the summer. The search team involved members from all facets of the lacrosse family, and was led by Coach Smith.  This nationwide search for assistant coaches was a first in our Program’s history, as we have been lucky to have coaching stability in the past – a true rarity in the MCLA. Through this processes, we were able to welcome two, highly-qualified candidates in Ted Fifield and Brandon Hulett to our Ram family.

Assistant coaches Fifield and Hulett have been able to smoothly assume coaching duties from Alex over the last few weeks, with Coach Hulett acting as interim head coach. While working with Alex Smith, they were able to successfully lead the team through the fall season schedule, and have become an integral part of the Ram family.

Now that fall ball has wrapped up, the Program will begin its search for a head lacrosse coach, as well as one additional assistant coach. The team’s student leadership, CSULAA, and the CSU Administration have a goal to announce the new additions to our coaching staff prior to the end of the fall 2015 semester. The team will go into the spring season with the following coaching positions filled: Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and Assistant Coach. Qualified individuals have already expressed interest in the position for head coach, including Coach Hulett.

Thanks to the strength of our CSU Lacrosse family, we’ve been set-up for a smooth transition during this time of change. The fine young men of CSU Lacrosse have immeasurable support as they move forward into a new chapter. With that in mind, we would like to say thank you to a few people specifically. Donna Nelson’s efforts are so appreciated in making the CSU Booster Club bigger and better and, as always, a huge part of the Program effort. For those who want to support the cause further, Melinda Wade is offering King Soopers fundraising cards, providing yet another source of support for our Program. These gracious women keep things “win-win” for both our players and our team. Also, Jared Wade has been doing a fantastic job as our team President this year. The Program has seen a rise in the number of participants, as well as major changes. It is vital to the success of our Program that we not just have players, but that we have leaders. Jared is providing a valuable example. With that, thank you to all of our Student Leadership.

And finally,

Thank you, Lacrosse Family, and please feel free to reach out at any time via alumni@csulacrosse.com or 303-219-0192.

Go Rams!

Garrett Fitzgerald / Kyle Rosa



Members of the Colorado State University Men’s Lacrosse Community,

Understanding and acknowledging that recent months have been difficult and challenging for the team, its leaders, and all those that have so much invested in it, please accept this letter as a confirmation of the Department’s support of and buy-in to the CSU Men’s Lacrosse Program. The Campus Recreation department looks forward to continuing its support to the team, and as always, is excited about the prospects of the student involvement, development, retention, and competitive team success that will continue throughout the course of this season and into the coming years. We are excited about and fully supportive of both the current student leadership, the prospects of emerging student leaders, the coaching staff, and the continued collaboration with and team support of the CSU Lacrosse Alumni Association.

Sincere Regards, and as always, Go Rams.

Rob Patchett, CRSS
Associate Director, Programs
Colorado State University