Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I really loved being a part of this year’s CSU lacrosse team. Let me count the ways on that. The evidence points to the fact I must have (loved the ride), because I didn’t run to the shower in order to shave my face, as I have done with every earlier ‘playoff beard’ I have ever attempted to grow. The razor always came out immediately after each playoff run was done, win or lose, but I kept this one (playoff beard) and did so almost eagerly. For me it’s kind of like savoring the aftertaste of a fine anything.  I even went to Fantastic Sam’s to get professionally trimmed……….

READY TO GET READY? (Let me count the ways)

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. I think I am in some sort of warm-up/practice, maybe even lunacy mode as I write right now. I am trying to get all my piles aligned for the challenges ahead, or something like that I suppose. Why else would I be there, pecking this, because I know that my next thing is supposed to be to somehow sum up articulately and eloquently the substance of 40 years of one, very eccentric sort of uniquely wonderful lacrosse tournament, and really the Granddaddy of all summer white man lacrosse tournaments, The Vail Lacrosse Shootout. You know, it was and still is a tribal gathering in the mountains where we were and are chasing beer sponsors around in place of the somewhat antiquated roaming tribal shamans of yesteryear. On the whole, it is a bit more of a ‘metro’ collection of mostly American natives that come to Vail these days.


Expectations are in place for me to spin that string of Vail lacrosse events that twirled its way across generations and time lines into a tidy spool of a read that tells the story of what it has all been for and about. It should be some kind of an editorial styled article shaped to fit neatly and somehow contritely inside the Vail Shootout XL program for the XL celebration that begins in just two weeks. No pressure. Oh, by the way I haven’t started it (article) yet (well, in any kind of real form),,,,, and,,,, it was due just LAST week. I’m all over it. No worries, Mate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE (maybe one day you will read some of all this)

My youngest, George turned 9 today. On the day he was actually born, though, it was indeed Friday, the thirteenth. That is the shoe fitting just right. He loves numbers. I could not love him more if he was my own son. No, wait, he is my own son even though I’m pretty much old enough to be his GREAT grandfather. He is in many ways a chip off the very old block, though. He is the shortest one (close) going into fourth grade at McGraw, but is convinced he will be a basketball player. He has a very bright, analytical mind, and uses it best to be the master of the Ipad and other electronic gadgeting. By the time he was 8 he had commandeered by far the best cell phone in the family as his own and used it to call no one not named ‘Mario’, ‘Super Mario’, or whatever. He currently is my main device using confidant, the one who helps me set up each part of my new phone that I don’t ‘get’ and stuff like that. He is quite shy, kind of sensitive, and a bit moody. Sorry about that, George. Not all behavior is learned. That came with your original equipment. When asked to describe himself he chooses the “risk-taker” selection/box on the questionnaire every time. Really?! Well, he did manage to break his arm six weeks ago falling from the top of the new, old Jungle Jim at school. I guess feelings are facts, but he is only nine after all. George is very competitive. SAY WHAT? I can’t wait to see what you be….No, hold on a minute. I can TOTALLY wait. I would have to make it to 70 just to see you go to college.

BY GEORGE I THINK HE’S GOT IT (I have no idea who might have said this first)

It is my greatest hope that my George will someday during the span of his many more birthdays eat more than what is in the current pizza, rice, egg whites, salmon (???), and things with way too much sugar diet. He will eat french fries, but won’t allow the perfect mashed potato puff near his plate. I hope there is so much more in store for your palette than me pumping you full of vanilla Ensure just to make sure. Everything he willingly eats is chosen pretty much by color and there are no greens at all in his personal ingestion spectrum. Well, maybe the neon gummy sours…We (George and I) were just painfully (him, not me) at the dentist today in fact, and it looks like I will soon ‘own’ TWO new sets of braces from the yet unchosen orthodontist as a bonus.

I got one. Q) What is the difference between a dentist ‘for kids’ and a regular dentist? A) About $200 I would say.