Saturday, May 19, 2012

I spent some of this morning watching DI video of D.U., Duke, and others, letting it wash over me, looking for positive ‘anchors’ to help keep us centered as a playing team. I will scan a little rulebook text, and somehow even after all these years, that is often helpful right away. There are lots of ‘little’ rules in that pretty skinny handbook.

T-I-I-IME IS ON YOUR SIDE (Rolling Stones)

Some are concerned about the late (9:00 pm) game start time for the Championship tonight. Maybe I should be worried, but I am not. Well, I am not playing anyway, but even so it’s all-good in my mind. This team prides itself in its ability to be ‘who we are’, unconcerned with who we play (mostly) or where it takes place (don’t care)

That fact (9:00 start) didn’t exist in my mind until Thursday night when we earned the right to play in it anyway. This will be the absolute final 2012 MCLA game of 2012. It feels good to have this opportunity to play in that game. If TV wants it at 9:00, then that’s the best time to start. Preparing for that is what you must do. Plus, after our practice at noon we will have the afternoon to watch some NCAA Division I lax tournament games on ESPN while the players do ready the mind and body to be in the ‘right’ place at the right time tonight.


Poly will be a tall order. They are hungry, having hovered around but never gotten this close before. They are #1. They have been atop the polls for a while, and they did beat us in Fort Collins on our home turf. The Mustangs showed talent, grit, and determination to overcome our advantage and win that game earlier this season in overtime. We know we have to be on point tonight.

Credit to the tournament organizers. The final pitting #1 vs. #2 reflects what they thought it would be, and, on top of that most of the tournament was true to its original seeding form. Not many lower seeds advanced here in Greenville.








When I went and looked at what we had coming up with coming here I noticed that Greenville is a Chamber of Commerce poster child, a little like Fort Collins with the whole ‘best place to live’ concept. It is the “bang for your buck” capital. Sounds good to me. Apparently one can find palatial ‘digs’ for 250K.

I think the field rental in Greenville (I heard $0) had to be better than the seven jillion dollars the MCLA paid for three year’s at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver with those ingrates.


a few things familiar, though I wasn’t sure what they were exactly

St. Louis Buff Grubb, Doug Horn, etc. is why it feels so much like St. Louis. Guys out there still working their butts off to make College Club Lacrosse into a very big deal from the love they all share.




We had a wonderful midday picnic at the very expansive, big city style city park in Greenville. This time, not only was it sponsored by our wonderful, adoring, player parents, and you know who you are, but Kevin (#8 and #41 papa) and Bill (#7 papa) built the barbeque in the park from cold, black charcoal and into a college sized picnic feast. With 50 or so college kids, if you cook it they will come. Lisabeth and Jon (parents #2), Tammy and Bruce (parents #4), Ken and Dawn (parents #10), Lisa and Doug (parents #15), Karen and Patrick (parents #18), Anne Marie and Gregg (parents #24). I have eaten a few ‘cookies by Anne Marie’ that is for sure.




I sort of wrote this a while ago, but never got around to journaling it. Now it will be interesting to do the revisit to these thoughts I scribbled on legal pad a month ago.