Friday, February 24, 2012


The team is in Portland and will play Simon Fraser in just a few hours from now. I will be watching live on the internet from my office and wishing I was there. Are we the designated home team in Portland since we went to play SFU in Canada last year? It seems a little strange to take a short ‘business trip’ to Oregon and to not play an Oregon team. That is how the weekend worked out, and I think I can freely write that the team is happier flying to Portland and ‘being there’ as opposed to the long, often rainy and somewhat gruesome drive to Eugene.

It is 8-4 after three.

9-4 with 9:00 left. We are imposing our will. Dusty (#40) is having another great game. Timmy Taggert, too. The whole team is playing well. ‘They’ are getting less shots as the game moves on. ‘We’ are getting more. Apparently things are getting a little chippy. In this case = good sign. We look better and better as the game moves on. What more do you want? Finish!

11-4 final – Good Guys! Nice fourth quarter.

Live on the internet on my computer is much more like stop action than “continuous stream”, but at least it is there…