Monday, February 20, 2012

The weekend double dip went off without a slip as we whooped up pretty good on a game but outmanned UNC Bear team, 17-3 late Sunday afternoon. It was all in for CSU, and we led 10-3 at the half before somewhat cruising home in a family picnic kind of way.


We dominated all the statistics in both games over the weekend, and on Sunday lots of names got on the score sheet. Our defense was not really tested yesterday against Northern Colorado as we ‘rode’ them to death and the Bears literally could not get the ball out of ‘their own end’, which led to almost infinite offensive opportunity for our side. On top of that, our players just knew they could take the ball away from any UNC player that might happen to occasionally have it in his possession. Truthfully, I kind of root for UNC to get to be a better program, and, in the post game shaking of hands I really wanted to say encouraging words to the opposition coach about how his team is much improved, but, alas, I could only muster the “Good game” mutter to most all of them.


Sophomore goalie Nick Fiore (#55 – G)  played almost the entire game in the nets, and though he faced only about ten shots and had just 3 saves, he was awarded ‘player of the game’ honors, symbolized in form as a hard hat/hockey mask combo that is somehow molded together as ‘helmask’ in sort of a Jasonesque, Friday the Thirteenth fashion.

Fiore will wear the head piece around until the next Ram victory, hopefully soon, like let’s say this weekend in Portland, where they will play Simon Fraser and Chapman. After the next game is won he will bestow this unique for 2012 badge of honor upon another worthy one of his choice at the team gathering following the game.


Nick was awarded the helmask and the honor that comes with it by ‘Dusty’, Dustin Grybinas, who got the first chance to wear it after playing his ass off on Saturday against Adams State.

The Ram is off toward the Oregon Trail tomorrow. A little ironic that neither game is versus an Oregon team. Do you think it will rain??

They have made a dozen Friday The Thirteenth movies over the years. This team will also be searching for multiple sequels similar in outcome to the first two first games. They are seeking way more than any kind of dozen, however, and the ‘trail’ gets nothing but tougher from here out. We want lots of guys in the Tribe to get a chance to wear this helmask headdress mantel of distinction all the way into the May sweeps. I assume they don’t wear it (helmask) to class when they have it in their possession, but hey, maybe they do. When I was in college streaking was everyday stuff, or should I say lack of stuff….