CSU 14 – UTAH 3


Last night we played a very complete game, beating and beating up the Utah Utes in their new House, a very nice little turf facility on campus.  Gee, why can’t we get one of those???!!! For once we kept up the pressure on the opposition for most of the 60 minutes and looked good doing it.  It was a team win in every sense of the word as we displayed the character of our team throughout and no matter who was

in the game.  We took charge early.  We played well and acted well.

We executed in most of the game phases, and it was a big buzz for everyone when freshman goalie Jack Regan (#7) was awarded the coveted hard hat for game play excellence on this night.  We really used and showed our depth against Utah.


The most unfortunate part of the game is that we have no time to enjoy the victory.  Rather, we have to prepare for the back-to-back challenge of playing one of our other hugest rivals, BYU in about three hours.  The game will determine the league’s regular season champion.

Yes, we are playing a mere 24 hours later, and even though we won easily last night, BYU did not play, and I know that is an advantage for them.  It is a hurdle that we must jump over by digging down deep.  BYU is also a squad ranked in the top 5 in the nation.  This will be a huge test for our strength and our will.

I’m out of time.  I have to pack up and get ready to check out of the hotel and head to the game.