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Coach Flip Naumburg's Journal

Sunday, April 1, 2007


I neglected to mention Danny Stevens' (#32 – A – C – 2007) line for the Chapman game when I wrote last night.  That wouldn't be right because he had a goal and six assists for the day, and was the pin point connector and conductor on a few really pretty goals, including a textbook feed to Stone (#6, son of Wooh Wooh – 2007 –A -) on a man-up play.  He really does look like a conductor out there at times, especially when he works from X (center area behind goal).  He will run with the ball and fake a lot of passes inside.  Everything going on around him is a reflection of his movement, and Danny's motion is almost fly fisherman like when he doesn't release the ball until it is just the right time to let it go.  Six assists is an excellent day because all of those feeds to another have to end up in the goal net within about one second of leaving his stick, meaning that way more than one thing has to go right.


We love our extended family, which is pretty much defined as the real families of the players on the team.  They are all so involved and a part of us.  I know I talk about it a lot, but too bad.  Yesterday was "Senior Day" as it were, and it was the final home game for the six or eight seniors (not sure).  Several noted lacrosse alums were there as well.  There is a CSU connection with Chapman, as in they (Chapman) recruit in Colorado, but many of them come back here to finish after becoming homesick for Colorado or whatever.


Yesterday we had a little pre-planned banquet sort of a deal after the game at the local pub and grill to celebrate, eat, and give out our 2006 Championship rings (Can you say a little late?).  During that time at the pub Danny's mother, Grace (Mom – Stevens - 2007) came over to say goodbye to the coaches.  She won't be able to make any more games. That's it for her.  Danny will be home soon.  What?  Say it ain't so.  I can't believe that he is already almost graduated.  He just got here.  I do wish they had five years instead of four.  When they red shirt and are here for five (play 4) I never feel that they should have another one after that.  Then, I always feel like it is time for them to go.  It feels more right somehow.  But his (Danny) four years seemed to fly by.  So the Grace moment yesterday was a melancholy one for me, and one that I didn't expect to arrive so early in the spring.  I will miss the whole family next year, not just young Daniel.


By the way we filled up C.B. Potts pretty good for our 'little' ring ceremony/fund raiser.  We do attract a family crowd, let there be no doubt about that. 

We have parents in our program that have perhaps had a hard time giving up the team even after graduation of the son.  I love that.  Kellin Bershinsky (2006 – D – C - #29) was there to pick up his ring and so was his dad, Bill and mom, Debbie.  Bill said that if we made the finals in May that he would jump in the truck or whatever and come on down to Dallas for the game.  That right there is tremendous motivation for me.  I have no idea why except that I love it when he is there with us on the road and he has been there with us for a couple of good things over the last few years. 


Everything we do from now on will be on the road, as in we will play all away games of some sort or another.

WHO DID SHOOT J.R.?  I forgot.  Was it Pam?

We will likely be going to Dallas in mid-May, no need to be Coy about it, and we will be going there with a large throng of family support that bring with them only the highest of expectations.  I only hope we can begin to live up to them.


Our preparation this week will need to have a new twist or two.  We have four days to prepare for a 'half marathon' in Missouri next weekend.  I want so much to keep things fresh, and I think that will be a big part of my rehearsal focus.


By the way, it is not cheap to travel on Easter weekend, and even though it is a short two-day trip.  I might have to rethink this Easter date again in the future.  Usually we don't schedule anything on Easter weekend, let alone Easter Day itself. We do that so the kids can be with their families at home.  

Next Sunday is Easter, and we will play Lindenwood in St. Louis and travel home that very day.  You just do what you have to do, and this was something we had to do.

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