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Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Jordan will be 3 in three weeks and I think it is time for me as his father to start actively recruiting him. I have always thought that he was fairly well coordinated and since he could walk he has loved to run. When he is running he is literally beside himself with glee. It has occurred to me that he is fast, but I really haven’t projected much on him, at least until recently. All I had known so far is that he seems to be a smallish person with one dimple and will, unlike his old dad, wear the burden of forever having hair on top of his head.

I was watching Jordan play with an almost 5 year-old boy the other day. They were having a very spirited, some might say frenzied play session. There was lots of variety in activities, but it was mostly tormenting Sheila our new black Lab Christmas puppy by trying to love her to death. Later, Jordan was combining his two passions, running and cars by "sprint pushing" one of the larger plastic sporty cars that is in his collection. Whatever this might say about me, I’m sitting there having thoughts like,"Let’s go outside and line them up for a 30-yard sprint. My kid, who is like a foot shorter can kick your 5 year-old ass right now." I watch some more play. "You might be able to muscle him on the boards, but he’ll pick you clean the second you hit the floor with the rebound." Perhaps I have logged a bit too many baby-sitting hours lately, but I am now pondering the possibility that these are not very "Spockian" trains of thought. I should be thinking, "Isn’t it great that neither one of them is bleeding? Don’t point the remote at Billy. How about some freshly squeezed orange juice?" Thoughtful and parental things like that. No, I am assessing his ability to read a double team, and how good his angles are.

I am behind in the recruiting battle because he can already kick a ball and say GOAOAOAOAOALLLLL!!!!!! With passion. My biggest problem right now is that I give him a stick, and in a short period of time "she" has it put away somewhere. Plus Jordan’s idea of catch is he throws it down the hill and I go get it. There is work to be done here before he will even take my calls.

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