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Saturday, September 7, 2002

We have had 3 pre-season scrimmages so far. I even threw in a drill or two before they played. They have been about as demanding as "non-practices" could be in my program. There were probably 40 playing out there yesterday on an awesome pre-fall kind of afternoon. We have one more of these informals before the meeting on Thursday, and the official start on Friday next.

I think I have made it clear in these few sessions that I want to do things at a very rapid pace at all times, and for now that is enough message from me. In general, I do not like to "stop" practice and run sprints. I want to see them run various types of drills with passion and to go hard any time there is a ball involved. I like to get a lot of the conditioning done within the intensity of practicing the game. The more they can buy into the concept of work being fun, the faster we will progress. I want practice to most always have a game type of intensity. In many ways I want the most pressure that players on this team feel, either individually or collectively, is the intensity of me in practice every day. It is simply fact that you do reflect in games the attitude with which you practice. Fortunately for me, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out these kinds of things.

One of my alumni, and you know who you are, has absconded one of our young guns. They drove to L.A. to see our beloved Rams play the mighty UCLA Bruins at the Rose Bowl. I know this from a message Alumni Boy left on my machine, and it came in at about 7:00 a.m. I am thinking he hadn’t just gotten up to get an early start on the day as he was leaving Vegas.. I like the bonding thing, but this does frighten me, as I have seen said alumnus turn a perfectly good former High School All American attackman into an ordinary hung over loser in less than two days. Anyway, GO RAMS.

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